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Understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine is an important tool used by the Chinese to cure diseases and made great contributions toward the prosperity of the Chinese civilization. As the human society evolves, there is a rising demand to “return to nature”. Because of its natural properties, Chinese medicine is gathering attention and will play a major role in the future health care industry.

Development of Chinese herbal medicine was based on traditional methods until mid-19th century, when cultural and scientific exchange between the East and the West became more frequent. The use of modern scientific technology widened the scope and depth of research of Chinese medicine, particularly its combinations and effectiveness. Chinese medicine has made tremendous achievements in extensive modern clinical studies and is gradually garnering acceptance and popularity in the West.

The core of Chinese medicinal treatment is the prescription. Various medicinal herbs have different effects on the body, and unique combinations of herbs in prescriptions will cure different ailments and diseases.

In recent years, Chinese medicine are used in treating various types of cancer, such as lung cancer, liver cancer and also various diseases caused by immune deficiency, such as rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. Advanced technology is allowing us to extract the active agents from herbs to further the effectiveness of medicinal treatments. 

Combinations of medicinal herbs in medicinal prescriptions not only maintain a balance of active components, but also undergo a mutual synergy which improves efficacy, safety, and minimizes side-effects. Ancient Chinese medical documents stated that “Chinese medicine treats both symptoms and root causes.” This shows that traditional Chinese medicine not only cures symptoms, but also regulates and improves health conditions as a whole.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a product of China's thousand-year old culture. A return to nature and the pursuit of health and longevity is everyone's wish as people begin to realize the importance of health. In our future research, we will be promoting a new method of health care which incorporates Chinese medicinal treatments with daily food.

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