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Oculax Pack
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Oculax Acupoint Patch

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Oculax Acupoint Patch Oculax Acupoint Patch Oculax Acupoint Patch Oculax Acupoint Patch
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Oculax Acupoint Patch is a natural eye care product that provides relief from eye strain, helps to alleviate blurry vision, and supplies sufficient moisture for dry eye. It is also designed to soothe eye irritations caused by various eye disorders due to: computer use, Lasik surgery, age, etc., improve blood circulation, alleviate muscle spasms, and promote nutrient and moisture absorption around the eyes. Oculax is a non-invasive approach to eye relaxation and vision improvement.


  • Supports eye health with natural herb extracts.
  • Provides valuable support for blood circulation in the eye.
  • Alleviates eye discomfort and helps with dry eye.
  • Promotes absorption of necessary nutrients for eyes.


How does it work?

Using the theory of acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal remedies, and combined with modern science, the herbal extracts within the patch helps to improve ocular micro-circulation, increase oxygen intake, and alleviate muscle spasm around the eyes.

Modern research indicates that acupoints consist mainly of cells that contain relatively large amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). When the acupoints are stimulated, these cells can produce a large amount of ATP to enhance cellular functions and fluid mobility.

By placing the Oculax patches on the Zan Zhu, Tai Yang, and Si Bai acupoints, the herb extracts can both stimulate and improve the cellular functions of the eyes.

  • Zan Zhu point is located above the eyebrows at the corner of the eye sockets and contains frontal artery and veins.
  • Tai Yang (Temple) point is located 0.5cm from the tip of the brow and contains orbital arteries and veins, and temporal branch of the facial nerve.
  • Si Bai point is located below the pupil at the orbital socket. It also contains facial arteries and veins along with facial nerves.

By stimulating these acupoints, micro-circulation is improved along with oxygen and nutrient transmission around the eyes.

Oculax provides uninterrupted relief from eye strain or discomfort from consistent use. Results normally manifest within 30-60 days (3-6 boxes). Although many have experienced relief much sooner, sometimes even within the first week. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Oculax's Herbal Ingredients

Chrysanthemum has been widely used in China as a medicine and as a beverage for thousand of years. It is used to improve vision, soothe swelling, and relieve headache and dizziness. Furthermore, research has demonstrated that chrysanthemum can dilate blood vessels and can help reduce high blood pressure. The chrysanthemum flowers are popular remedies to relieve eye fatigue. After long periods of eye use, such as reading, warmed flowers are placed on closed eyes to provide relaxation. It has long been used as a tonic for the eye discomfort.

Danshen (Salvia miltiorrhiza) is often used to treat patients with cardiac and vascular disorders in traditional Chinese medicine. It can reduce blood clotting and also improve microcirculation and is also widely used to treat other ailments. Modern research further indicates that not only does Danshen have blood-vitalizing properties, but it is also effective in treating various microcirculation disorders.

Chanxiong (Ligusticum wallichii) is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. It can improve microcirculation, remove blood stasis, and relieve pain.

Tang Kuei (Angelica sinensis) is a medicinal herb commonly used to treat gynecological ailments and high blood pressure. Along with improving blood circulation and blood flow, Tang Kuei also has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects. Recent researche also indicates that tang kuei, in addition to improving blood flow, can lower ocular pressure as well as regulate tear production.



  1. Clean and dry the face before bed time.
  2. Remove a new patch card from packaging and apply the patches to the three acupuncture points around each eye. (see Figure 1. ① Zan Zhu, ② Tai Yang (Temple), ③ Si Bai.)...more>>
  3. Upon waking, wet the patches with water then remove and discard them.
  4. Use one new patch card per night for 10 days then take a 1 – 2 day break.

* The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
* Do Not Use if you have hypersensitive skin or other skin conditions. If you have serious eye disorder, please consult a professional healthcare provider before use.
* Keep out of reach of children.

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